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Community description:My fiction
This is the journal in which [personal profile] cleverthylacine posts her creative works. Fannish works are unlocked (unless they're still in beta); original works are locked. Here are my policies. None of this work is didactic nor is it intended to uplift, heal, fix or guide you. Read at your own risk and for fuck's sake think before incorporating any ideas you pick up from fiction into your personal world view. I am not your mother or your teacher. You'll be warned if something you're about to read deals candidly and explicitly with nonconsensual sex, dubiously consensual sex, graphic violence, self-harm (including disordered eating) or suicide. I typically do not warn for death. I would like to say that I warn for abuse, but I have discovered that not everyone is agreed on what actually constitutes abuse.

My work is not always comforting. It is not always intended to be. My work is not didactic. Sometimes people do and say bad things, and they don't always get punished or re-educated for them, because I am not a didactic writer. This does not mean that I agree with those things, because I am not a didactic writer, and I will just get cranky if you use this to try to prove that I do.

You are welcome to join this community if you're under age, but if your parents say you can't read my stuff, I'll have to ban you. It's not personal, I'm just not taking on their responsibility for you.

Please don't join this community if you are a convicted sex offender who has done non-consensual harm to adults or children (I don't care if you flashed your boobs and got arrested, but if you're a rapist, get out of here--I don't want to know you), or if you knowingly and supportively have such people on your friendslist. And, if you think this is a whacko thing to say, please be aware that I did in fact once find out that someone on my friends list on LJ had a convicted child molester on his friends list, and I found out, and I found out that he knew about it, and I banned him.
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